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Our Master Aesthetician, Suenie Irwin is St. George’s premier facial expert. Her training, expertise, and level of quality is what brings clients back year after year.

Light Therapy Light Therapy

Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, Restore your skin’s youthful appearance, Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.


We offer a full line of waxing services to keep your skin healthy and smooth, from St. George Bikini Wax for the summer months to lip and chin waxing.

Eyelash Extensions

Offering a complete line of eyelash extensions, using mink brand extensions. The most realistic extensions available to you will make you naturally beautiful, and flawless!

Free Trigger Point Massage

trigger-point-massageWith every facial Suenie includes a massage that is called a Trigger Point Massage. Trigger points were discovered in the early 1940s by Dr. Travell and Dr. David Simmons they are small knots that occur on muscles that have been overworked or injured. They found that by applying compression on these points relieved the pain. They are a common cause of headaches, neck and jaw pain, tennis elbow, lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Suenie does trigger point therapy on your neck, head, shoulders, and the deco Tae. Suenie’s clients absolutely loves this therapy.

st-george-retexturizeRetexturizing the Skin

Exfoliating regularly is extremely important. When the natural shedding process creeps up on your pores, the dead skin cells accumulate and may cause breakouts, blackheads, dull skin, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week is recommended to prevent all of these skin conditions, plus it instantly brightens, firms, and retexturizes the skin to a baby soft feel.

Popular Procedures

Oxyoasis Treatment

An oxygen facial immediately revitalizes your skin and hides even the tiniest imperfections. It has exploded onto the beauty scene largely due to its instant results, characterized by a smoothing and plumping of the skin’s surface. The results are undeniable!!!

Light Therapy

Our Skin tightening treatment offers a non-invasive, completely natural looking option. By stimulating healthy collagen, the skin tightening process firms sagging skin and smoothes wrinkles at your jaw line, eye area, mouth, cheeks and neck.